talk to me about hsm headcanons..


The boys are back

tbh i can’t even watch the first hsm it’s so hard to suspend my disbelief about how supposedly talented troy and gabriella are.. hsm 2 is just an Experience and i legitimately love hsm 3 but i can’t really deal with the first one. anyway sorry i’m about to be a high school musical blog for maybe about half an hour


Get to know me meme: [1/10] favorite movies: High School Musical 2 (2007)

"What was the first thing you said to me when I started working here?"
"Bring me more ice tea?"
"Think harder. We’re…"
We’re in this together.

my favorite character type is “thinks they are the cool friend”

chad is the second best character in high school musical and here are some reasons why

  • cute
  • carries a basketball everywhere and doesnt appear to even own a backpack
  • bad fashion sense. refer back to bullet #1
  • probably like best friends with gabriella behind the scenes
  • thinks he is the cool friend

the best character is zeke

the other day i had real mental illness feels about troy bolton


the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy


lms if you’ve ever drank water or hijacked a school bus

how cool is it that i met tolomer YEARS ago on deviantart and we kind of lost track of each other when we moved to tumblr, but orel found me through a fandom and i’m friends with so many people as a result of meeting him but i think that’s also how i got reconnected to tolomer??????? my oldest internet friend who happens to be good friends with the good friends i’ve made here as well???


Tiana Tuesday: July 29: Song